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Compass: New Exam Delivery System

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Compass Installation Video

Compass: Certiport’s New Web-Based 

Exam Delivery System

Certiport has added a new online exam delivery system which is called Compass.
Compass provides Certiport Authorized Testing Centers (CATC) with an easy-to-use and enhanced testing experience.
Therefore, the current exam delivery system will be merged Console with Compass to provide one solution to test all Certiport’s certification exams. 
Compass® is exclusive web-based exam delivery system offers:
• a state-of-the-art experience to test candidates with a secure browser-based software
• a simple and easy way to launch a Certiport certification exam in multiple languages
• a light-weight technology to reduce the size and number of downloads
• a simple, user-friendly interface, while continuing to access to the same Certiport tools and services currently available in the Certiport Portal .
Starting August 27, 2019 all Certiport certifications exams will be available via the Compass exam delivery platform. 
Features of Compass

Below you can see the difference between online and local delivery methods through Compass.

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