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What is Clarity 4D?

KUDOS is the exclusive partner in the Middle East for a simple, affordable and globally effective Personality Profiling Program from the UK based company Clarity 4D.  

This program can be used as an “add-on” to many business programs or individual units such as Self Awareness or as a stand-alone program whether you are someone who would like to understand yourself and the people around you better, a busy learning and development professional or someone looking to run a business. The program offers a full and comprehensive report: 

Providing Profiles using COLOUR to aid learning
Training Programmes and Workshops
Business Partner opportunities
Supporting materials and video’s
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What are the Clarity4D personality profiles?


We all have a mix of the 4 temperaments in us, and by adding colour to the four personality types, it helps us remember which is our preferred order of using our energy.

RED (FIRE) energy is demonstrated by people who are highly energetic and action‐orientated.

YELLOW (AIR) energy is displayed by people who are outward going, sociable and fun‐loving.

GREEN (EARTH) energy is observed in people who are warm and friendly in an under‐stated way.

BLUE (WATER) energy is shown by people who are introspective, reserved and like to observe others before taking action.